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Experience the heartfelt support and personalized guidance of a marriage agency. Our dedicated professionals understand the depths of your desires and are committed to helping you find your soulmate every step of the way.

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Say goodbye to endless scrolling and disappointing encounters. With a marriage agency, you'll receive handpicked matches that resonate with your heart's deepest longings, ensuring every connection is meaningful and filled with potential.

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Forge genuine connections that go beyond superficial swipes. Our agency prioritizes emotional compatibility, fostering relationships built on trust, understanding, and mutual respect, setting the stage for lifelong love and companionship.

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Gain access to a wealth of expertise and unwavering support as you navigate the journey to love. From insightful advice to unwavering encouragement, our team is here to empower you to embrace the beauty of your love story with confidence and enthusiasm.

Slavic Soulmate

International Matchmaking Agency & Dating Agency

My name is Natalia Martynova and I am a leading professional matchmaker dating agency in Europe – Slavic Soulmate. My dating agency has excelled in the UK, USA and Asia, applying proven techniques of Ukrainian women search and psychological assessment to provide unrivaled dating and relationship results for our clients.

My goal is to offer you the opportunity to meet a deserving Slavic lady, originally from Ukraine but willing to live anywhere, and provide a unique and quality dating experience. My exclusive matchmaking services are characterized by high professionalism and passion for what I do.

I have been working as an international matchmaker and dating coach for over 8 years. My approach combines both professional knowledge and passion for matchmaking. I carefully select my clients to ensure a high rate of successful matches.

My best clients are those who have been recommended by friends or relatives. This confirms the quality of my services international dating and makes me proud of my work.

If you are interested in becoming an active client of Slavic Soulmate, the first step is a confidential, no-obligation interview with one of our professional matchmakers. This will help us understand what is important to you in a relationship and determine if our matchmaker is the right fit for you. We value honesty and guarantee confidentiality.

Let me give you the chance to meet that special woman you are looking for.


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In life's symphony, their love resonates deep within, a melody of passion and devotion. Together, they face the unknown, hearts entwined, their love a guiding light in a world of uncertainty.
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In the tender embrace of destiny, clients discover the enchanting magic of love. Through our services, hearts find their perfect match, weaving stories of romance and devotion.

Slavic soulmate

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Slavic Soulmate

Professional matchmaker

International Professional Marriage Agency offers a serious service for mature people looking for relationship and marriage. The process includes interviews, selection of a dating package, video calls for dating and assistance in organizing a first date.
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