When women seek assistance from my agency to find a husband, I emphasize the importance of considering age compatibility. While a reasonable age gap can work, exceeding 13-15 years often results in a misalignment of life stages and understanding. For instance, imagine being 50 and pursuing a relationship with a 25-year-old. The consequences could be significant.

Not every Ukrainian single would be open to dating someone who could be her father’s age. This scenario seems impractical unless the man is exceptionally well-off and can provide extravagantly. In such cases, material wealth often becomes a decisive factor. However, genuine love is doubtful.

It’s important to remove rose-tinted glasses and avoid pursuing adventures that might lead to disillusionment. Each person should seek a partner based on realistic standards, without exceeding age limits beyond feasibility. Why pursue someone 25 years younger? How will they relate to your life experiences and aspirations when theirs are vastly different?

If you’re 45, consider partners between 33-43. For a 55-year-old, the ideal range might be 38-48. Realism increases the chances of a successful outcome. Women in Ukraine who are seeking marriage around your age tend to present themselves well, possess clarity about their desires, and understand why they are engaging with international marriage agencies.

Experience has shown that most successful couples have an age difference of no more than 12 years. Couples with disparities exceeding 17 years often encounter challenges. Therefore, my recommendations are practical and informed by real-world examples.

Ultimately, the decision rests with you. My hope is for everyone to find a soulmate who genuinely seeks companionship.

Best regards,
Natalia Martynova

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