Working with the human factor does not always bring joy or positive emotions, so you need to be able to abstract so that all this does not settle inside you. And many are simply offended because we refuse to accept the negativity of their problem.

My field is no exception, so I want people to understand that I am not a personal psychologist or a life coach, as it is now fashionable to call myself)

Yes, I can give advice, analyze and give my opinion, but above all it remains your situation and you decide it.

To take certain actions, conclusions and understand what suits you and what does not. And also to understand that no one owes you anything, never at all👌

My job is to help you get to know each other, to expand your horizons in your search, but not to arrange your personal life for you, because I have no moral right to do so.

Why did I write this post?
Because I have many unpleasant moments in terms of cooperation with clients and it turns out that 30% of them are not ready for anything serious at all and do not have any understanding of what they want from life and relationships.
And it’s sad..I’m sorry

That without understanding themselves, people just waste other people’s time and mental health) don’t do that 🙏

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