or that inner feeling that makes us crazy about some certain person..

The main thing is not to confuse chemistry with passion, because sometimes passion is stronger than any of our other feelings in general. Because when you look at this or that person afterwards and cannot understand what was wrong with you at that moment and where was that cold mind)

but today is not about passion.

Therefore, chemistry plays one of the most important components of a happy and fulfilling relationship.

She is an ideal wife, a good mother, loyal and attractive woman, but not my type..
Are you familiar?
I think so)

You can make compromises, close your eyes to some nuances, try to change a person or yourself, but all this will not help if the certain chemistry between you has not arisen.

Sometimes it’s a pity that this happens.. Some of my couples broke up because of this factor and I was very sad, because in general they could be really happy together..

But there is no getting away from this.
A man must feel chemistry with his partner, only then he will be happy…

Don’t force yourself to fall in love if it doesn’t work out from the very beginning.. Don’t ruin your life and your partner’s.

Be honest with each other, because most people deserve it.

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