It sounds like you’re interested in finding a meaningful connection, and you have a thoughtful approach to it. Here’s a breakdown of your strategy:

  1. Initial Screening: You prioritize certain aspects during the first video call, which are important to you personally. This could include values, goals, interests, and personality traits. This step is crucial as it helps you assess compatibility early on.
  2. Observation Period: After the initial meeting, you engage in 10-14 days of personal communication to see if the woman takes into account what you emphasized during the first meeting. This observation period allows you to gauge her level of interest and compatibility based on how well she respects your priorities.
  3. Mutual Consideration: You emphasize that a successful relationship requires both parties to consider each other’s needs and priorities. While you expect her to pay attention to your aspects, you also make an effort to understand and acknowledge what is important to her.
  4. Communication and Engagement: You highlight the importance of ongoing communication and active engagement in building a relationship. This involves discussing each other’s priorities, listening attentively, and making an effort to meet each other’s needs.
  5. Gestures of Affection: You mention the importance of showing signs of attention, such as giving flowers or compliments, to nurture the relationship and make the other person feel appreciated and valued.

Overall, your approach seems balanced and considerate, focusing on mutual understanding, communication, and reciprocity. It reflects a genuine desire to build a meaningful connection based on shared values and mutual respect.

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