As men become clients of my agency, an increasingly common question arises: “Why is a video call necessary before exchanging contact information?” While some may view this step as unnecessary, my experience of over 8 years in the dating industry has shown me its importance.

While it’s true that initial attraction can be sparked by a photo, it’s equally essential for both parties to engage in a video call before progressing further. Falling in love at first sight based on a photo can lead to exchanging contact information hastily, only to find that real-life interactions fall short of expectations. Misunderstandings and disagreements may arise, leading to the abrupt end of communication without ever meeting in person.

I advocate for exchanging contact information only after both parties have had the opportunity to engage in a video call. This allows them to verify that the person they’re communicating with matches the photo provided and to gauge compatibility through conversation. During a video call, individuals can ask questions, assess compatibility, and determine whether pursuing further communication is warranted.

This approach not only fosters genuine connections but also saves time by avoiding potentially fruitless interactions. Our most valuable asset is time, and it’s essential not to squander it on relationships that may not be compatible in the long run.

During the first video call, it’s advisable to focus on introductory topics such as self-introduction, expressing gratitude for the conversation, discussing jobs, hobbies, family, and desires for relationships. Avoid delving into sensitive topics such as religion, politics, or personal weaknesses.

By adhering to this approach, individuals can make informed decisions about pursuing a relationship with a Ukrainian single. Remember, the goal is to maximize compatibility and ensure that both parties are genuinely interested in each other.

Warm regards,
Natalia Martynova

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