Hanna 569

Date of birth:02/06/1993
City/Country:Odessa region / Ukraine
Marital status:single
Children:no (but I want in future)
Looking for an age range:35-49
Occupation:Senior Global Fintech Strategist and Model
Language:Emglish fluent
Level education: Ms in marketing, business, economics
Character’s description:

Curious, authentic, funny, ambitious lady. Currently traveling around the world both fancy and wild. I love being active with yoga, golf, hiking. In my free time I go to spa, cooking healthy food, studing, make flower bouquets and discuss philosophy with my friends. Also I do not eat meat.

Description of ideal partner:

I’m looking for an honest, open, attentive, giving, independent, considered, chivalrous oldschool gentleman. Who want and can help, protect and provide for his woman and his family. Whose words are aligned with his actions. A man, who know himself and what he want. Looking for a conscious, honest relationship, as a team. With sincere communication, commitment, self development, and choosing each other even when it’s hard. With common interests about healthy body, healthy mind, and achievements (in each other personal fields). And based on traditional roles as for man and woman. Kids, garden, dog and house included. 😌 (Actually several houses, to spend life in different countries)


Additional information