Olena E614

City/Country:Dnipro / Ukraine
Marital status: single
Looking for an age range:46-57
Language:English beginner
Level education:University
Character’s description:

I am kind, gentle, I know how to love, I am active. I am for development and mutual interest in a couple. I constantly develop by attending trainings for personal growth in the field of psychology, sexology. I watch a lot of videos on social networks on the topic of self-development and apply them in my life. I am very deep, I like to understand everything. I am currently working in accounting. I used to go to oriental dances, vocals. I also really like nature, the sea, hiking, I love everything delicious and beautiful, restaurants, coffee houses, I really like coffee and dark chocolate, beautiful clothes is the source of my inspiration.

Description of ideal partner:

I would like to meet a smart, but not abstruse, with a sense of humor, balanced, it’s really very important that rabid men scare me and overly emotional, financially secure above average, organized, responsible for his words and deeds, reliable, you can rely on him, he does what he says, who knows how to receive earthly pleasures and the comfort and beauty around him is important to him, he loves to eat tasty but in moderation, drinks alcohol very rarely in moderation and just for fun, generous towards me, clean and observing the rules of hygiene. And most importantly, we love each other.


Additional information