Yulia 469DE

Date of birth:12/03/1994
City/Country:Antalya, Turkey
Marital status:single
Looking for an age range:30-45
Occupation: self employeed ( hand made chocolate production)
Language:English, Turkish pre-intermediate
Level education:University degree
Character’s description:

I am a calm and balanced girl. This is what the study of psychology helps me to be. Astrology has always attracted me as well. I like to travel, there are many countries that I would like to visit. Everything is still ahead. I am also fond of dancing. No wonder they say that movement is life. And dance can convey a lot. My other passion is handmade chocolate. I use only natural ingredients to make it.

Description of ideal partner:

I would like to meet a reliable, strong and confident man. I want to be good friends with my man and feel safe. It is very important for me that he can keep his word and be a responsible person. I would like to see next to me an honest, kind, sincere and caring person. He knows what he wants from life and how to get it. I am ready to give him all my love and support in return. I wish he loves life as I do. I’m not looking for the perfect person, I’m looking for someone who will be all mine and can accept me for who I am.


Additional information